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Publié le 2 Septembre 2012

This goes into the "Simplify" cateogory becaiuse, oddly enough, those two walk hand in hand.

I was your typical "one stain one product" kind of gal.

I would fall for anything specialized enough to have its own logo.

Then, three years ago, I moved into a house in the lower mountains of eastern France.

A house with a thing: everything we let go down the drain actually goes in ... the river.

And a fishy river that is, with fario trouts and an official Town fishermen association.

So out of the haouse went all my colourful bottles.

I had to make do with natural, non-trout-harming products.

Today, I am quite proud of myself.

I make my own dishwasher powder, and it works!

I use spray bottles with different cocktails for cleaning everything in the house.

Even better, everybody in the house knows which product to take and when!

In the kitchen:

- For the dishwasher: homemade dishwasher powder and vinegar as a rincer.

- For the dish washing: a spray with a mix of Marseille black soap and water, and Marseille soap if needed.

- For the kitchen (coutertops,fridge, anything): I have a spray of vinegar and a spray of alcohol.



I use Marseille black soap as a laudry detergent, and I add baking soda, sodium carbonate and sodium percarbonate according to stain degree and washing temperature. I often use vinegar as a fabric softener, but not always.



- Homemade spray of shower detergent


Floors: 1 capful of Marseille black soap for 5 L of warm water is perfect.


I have a lot of Microfibre rags of different sizes and uses that I wash often.

No need to make room for a lot of products, I jusdt keep a jar of each ingredient (baking soda, sodium carbonate, percabonate sodium, citric acid), and a bottle of vinegar and alcohol, and voilà!

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